Peer Review Process

Reviewer selection for each article submitted is up to the editors. It considers reviewers' experience, competence, suggestions by authors or different editors, and previous experience in reviewing papers for Milkiyah.

Every manuscript submitted in the journal is read, at least by an editor, for an initial review. If the paper agrees with editorial policies and with a minimum quality level, it is sent to at least one reviewers for evaluation. Thus, Milkiyah uses a blind peer review.

The review process aims to provide authors with a competent opinion on their paper. In addition, a review should give authors suggestions, if needed, on how to improve their papers.

 Each article sent will be evaluated on the basis of the following considerations:

  • The results of scientific work are the work of the Original
  • Conformity between methodologies and research topics
  • Have a good analysis
  • The ability to communicate with readers
  • Based on the recommendations of the reviewer
  • The normal time for screening and evaluation of manuscripts is two to four weeks from the date of receipt
  • Articles submitted to Milkiyah: Jurnal Hukum Ekonomi Syariah can use Indonesian, or English. However, abstracts must be in Indonesian and English.

Reviewer’s decision. The reviewers will provide the following recommendations:

  1. Accepted; means that the manuscript is acceptable for publication
  2. Accepted with required revisions (minor or major); means that the manuscript is acceptable for publication once it is revised in response to the reviewers’ concerns
  3. Resubmitted for Review; Reviewer recommends the manuscript needs to be reviewed again by the Reviewer. This is due to too many revisions needed
  4. Decline (Rejection); means that the manuscript is not acceptable for publication or the given reviews relate to very basic issues.

A decision on a submitted article along with EIC comments is communicated to the author within one month. If a decison is made, the manuscript continues to be reviewed. Authors should not send any queries before the period is over. However, after one months of submission, if no decision is taken, authors can naturally withdraw and submit elsewhere.  

The result of revised article should be sent to Assigned Editor no later than one month. The revised article will be re-evaluated (It can be resent to reviewer).

The deadline for uploading a revised manuscript is less than two month from receiving an email. If it is not possible for you to resubmit your revision within this timeframe, we may have to consider your paper as a new submission.